Secure Instant Messaging is here!

The Private Messenger is a new and innovative peer to peer Secure, Private, Untraceable Instant Messenger application that:

  • uses NSA proof military grade 256 bit AES encryption to ensure security of message contents.
  • has no clear text unsecure modes.
  • features user configureable end-to-end encryption for the ultimate in message security.
  • utilizes the Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman key exhange protocol to securely distribute keys over the Internet.
  • does not require the use and expenses of a common third party server shared by a multitude of unrelated co-users.
  • has peer to peer sessions that are private like a business conference call.

The Private Messenger is designed for those who do not trust their privacy to toy social messengers.

The Private Messenger NEVER:

  • stores records of encryption keys, contacts, messages or events.
  • broadcasts its presence and status to the Internet.
  • accepts connection requests from univited persons.